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Do It For Him [Bolin X Water bender! Reader]
 Inspired by this SU cover song! Link
You dodge the jets of the icy cold water that were thrown in your direction, keeping your body balanced and your eyes on your opponent. The favour is returned as you lift your arms quickly, rising the water from it's source and sending it with speed at a flick of your wrist. 
One, two.
Dodge, throw.
All of your concentration is put into this rhythm. You're not going to use all this time and energy only to lose. You have to be able to beat your enemies and get stronger.
For him.
He, who's laugh can cheer anyone up, who can make a serious mood into a light-hearted one with a simple phrase or act. Although you know he can fight his own battles, a person can only take so much, even if they are a bender. So you need to prote
:iconnyansalemnyan:NyanSalemNyan 14 8
Bolin x Reader chapter.3
You woke up on a couch in the attic, slowly you sat up and groaned. You looked over and a healer stood talking to Mako "she has to stop or she'll hurt herself permanently " Mako ran a hand through his hair obviously aggravated " is there anything you could do?!" " I'm sorry but no". Mako sighed and grabbed money out of his wallet and handed it to the healer " kid this won't cut it".
you glanced at your attire and realized you wore Bolins outfit that meant someone took your others offend changed you, you blushed and then reached in the pockets and pulled out your wallet " hey healer dude I'll pay give Mako his money back he has people to take care of" " [y/n]-" you raised a hand not wanting to hear his excuses, you payed and the healer walked out.
" who changed me" you asked as you attempted to stand up, you wobbled but Mako caught you and helped you to sit down. He blushed and scratched his head " Bolin was to freaked out about changing you so I had to" you nodded " thanks " " but Bo g
:iconbookworm30000:bookworm30000 52 13
Bolin x reader part.2
Bolin x reader part.1
You heard a loud knock on the door " hurry up some of us have to shower too " a Mako called. " dude give me a chance to get dressed"" just put a towel on . me and Bolin will close our eyes. BOLIN SHUT YOUR EYES"
You laughed and walked out " just kidding I was dressed... BOLIN WHY WERE YOU PEEKING " " WAS NOT" Bolin exclaimed while pushing his face into one of the pillows on the couch. He was blushing.
-----Time skip -----
All three of you were dressed and ready for the battle. Mako stood and paced back and forth repeating our game plan.
" Calm down we'll be fine " Bolin said with a big smile on his face " we've got this!" He laughs as he stands up and pulls you and Mako into a hug "
You blushed at your closeness but you ignored it and buried your face in the earth benders shoulder smiling. You hugged them both close to you.
" you guys are all the family I have, ya know?" Y
:iconbookworm30000:bookworm30000 42 2
Bolin x Reader
           " [y/n] could you do a favor and tell me what is taking you so long to get to practice?!" Mako's voice rang through the phone with an irritated tone " sorry I'm going to be a little late" " [y/n]...] " " b-but don't worry I'm picking up some dumplings for you and Bolin to make up for it so don't worry" you heard a scoff from the other line " fine. Just please don't be late to our game, we need our water bender remember when we had to have a replacement?" you groaned at the memory, the kid was getting knocked off the ring within ten seconds and kept hitting Bolin over the head with ice. "I get it you don't have anyone as good as me calm yourself and quite stressing" "see ya" "bye Mako".
           You hung up the phone and ran out of your room and across your small house to the kitchen, you grabbed a piece of old bread and wolfed it down before bolting out of the house. You ran down the small hallway of your apartmen
:iconbookworm30000:bookworm30000 71 13
Jealousy (Bolin X Reader)
Bolin X Reader
    I stood there watching him. With HER. The wicked witch that stole him from me. My best friend (and crush). I watched as he forced a smile. His beautiful curly black hair slicked down. Even Pabu had got a makeover. But the worst part was the betrothal necklace around his neck. He should not be wearing it because he should not be with her. He didn't smile around her and if he did it was fake. That was not him and I hated her for it. Sometimes I wish I could just-
    "(Name). (Name)! (NAME)!" Korra called.
    I snapped out of my self vent and looked at her, a slight frown on my face.
    "I'm sorry. What were you saying?"
    She rolled her eyes.
    "I said watch your bending."
    My expression changed from angry to confused and then I followed her gaze to the now solid piece of water that I was bending. It was formed into a sharp pointed icicle and was directed
:iconlilalisonangel:LilAlisonAngel 172 18
Hot Tub Fun Bolin x Reader
Y/n was laying on her bed in her apartment she shares with her friend Amber in Republic city thinking about the man she could never have. His name is Bolin ,he has a very muscular build, the most enchanting green eyes you had ever seen, and he's a sweet person, to top it all off. But sadly, he is dating Opal not you. I mean who wouldn’t Opals strong, beautiful and forgiving and she’s an air bender. You were just an average run of the mill water bender. I mean sure, you’re better off than most non-benders, but that wasn’t good enough for you. You wanted to be good enough for Bolin. The most perfect man you had ever met. “I’m never going to get over him”, Y/n thought. I mean who watches pro bending just to see their best friend all sweaty and hot looking and watches a mover just to see their best friend shirtless. Unless they’re obsessed with him. “Hey Y/n you ok”? Y/n turns to see her close friend Amber walk up to her with a co
:iconnightdovesiren:Nightdovesiren 13 1
Mature content
Awesome Lessons Bolin X Bender! Reader :iconflamebladegirl5362:FlameBladeGirl5362 121 69
Fire Ferrets (Bolin X Reader)
“Ib! Come back!” You called as you chased after your fire ferret, who had jumped out of your arms after seeing god-knows-what. “Damn it.” You muttered under your breath as you ran across the street in Republic City, almost getting hit by several cars in the process.
“Sorry!” You shouted when you heard the squealing of tires and loud curses. You stopped on the sidewalk, looking around for Ib. You saw a flash of Ib’s dark red fur, and hurried down the sidewalk, only to bump right into someone as you turned a corner.
“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” You apologized as you stood back up, before looking around for Ib.
“Hey are you, by any chance, looking for this?” You turned around to look at the person you had bumped into, to see a very attractive man holding out Ib to you. You noted he had another fire ferret resting on his shoulder.
“Ib!” You said excitedly and grabbed her from his outstretched hands. “Th
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 260 34
Once-ler x Reader - How bad could it possibly be?!
•°How bad could it possibly be?!°•
Very bad
That's how bad it could possibly be. Smoke smudged skies that the Swomee Swans used to fly in, muc in the once beautiful waters that the Humming fish used to hum in,
and now
the truffula trees that the Barb-a-loot used to sit under and eat truffula fruit. (No rhyme intended)
Your (e/c) hues narrowed to the ground as your Barb-a-loot friend, (a/n), nudged your leg and frowned. You picked the cute furry little creature up and held him close. "Hey, kid...." You heard a groggy voice. You looked down to see the Lorax. "Hi.." You softly replied. You looked at the once-beautiful environment, that was now a wasteland. Your (e/c) eyes flashed with anger and you took a shaky breath. "I'm going to talk to him...." You told the Lorax. He snapped his head up. "But, kid! He won't listen to ya... He'll say his company is more important!..." You growled at the response. "What happened to the real Lorax?... The
:iconxtraordinaryreader:XtraordinaryReader 18 3
Not A Thneed (The Once-ler X Reader)
The Once-ler whistled, flipping yet another pancake onto the plate that Tiny was holding. The Once-ler had been living here for a few years now; when his thneeds didn’t sell he decided to stay here instead of going back to his family.
He had friends here; the fish, the bears, the Lorax, and, of course, you.
Except that you weren’t really a friend, you were more of a girlfriend.
You had met in town where he had been trying to sell his thneed, and while you weren’t interested in buying it, you were interested in him.
He was adorable, with his slightly shaggy dark brown hair, and those bright blue eyes, and his slightly round cheeks.  
Add in the fedora and his enthusiasm, and he was just way too cute for you.
You got to know him in the following months, hanging around at his house tent and sometimes inviting him over to your house as well.
It was fun getting to know him, he was kind and sweet and smart, everything you wanted in a guy.
Not long after that you two st
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 384 67
Zuko XWaterbender!Rebel!Reader: Avatar ch.1
Zuko XWaterbender!Rebel!Reader: Avatar ch.1
 Today you were practicing with Katara at the ocean shore. You were both in your heavy coats as Sokka went out on gaurd duty. You laughed as Katara tried, and failed, at making a sphere again. "Well, I'd like to see you try!" Katara yelled frustrated and put her hands on her hips. You were still laughing but you dropped it down to a giggle. "It's not that hard." you said making a sphere then casing it in ice. You moved your hand to make the sphere smash. Katara was really mad that you should her up, again. "Why are you so angry?" you asked innocently, knowing why. "Why?!...No one...likes to be their younger sister." Katara said trying not to explode. Katara sent a stream out water towards you and you blocked it easily then sent one towars her and she tried to block it. She held it away but you kept on pushing and it did look like Katara was struggeling.
 With a grunt, she pushed the water back into the freezing sea. She ra
:iconteamedward4ever1326:teamedward4ever1326 206 22
A Cowboys Hat (Jesse McCree X Reader)
*There is swearing and implications of sex*
(Y/N) - Your Name
"I want to wear it so bad."
"Don't worry (Y/N) love, I'm sure you'll get it somehow."
Tracer or as most referred to her, Lena was right you would get that hat.
"Get what darlin'. You trying to get my hat again."
"No Comment."
Stupid twat of a boyfriend sometimes you wondered why you dated him with all the teasing.
"Heh, sure whatever ya say."
Lena then abruptly stood up,
"Well I'll leave you two alone then." A smirk lightly gracing her features. She blinked out the room but stopped in the doorway waving a certain cowboys hat in the air.
"Huh, wait what! What happened to my hat!"
(Y/N) smiled,
"Yes it worked! Wait ago Lena!"
(Y/N) then ran out the room grabbing the hat of the laughing girl in the doorway.
"Hold it girly!"
And now the chase starts. (Y/N) thought this was hilarious Jesse seemed so annoyed as she ran round the base doing random commando rolls and screaming 'It's high noon' at people while pointing her fingers li
:iconwretchedakuma:WretchedAkuma 27 4
[Overwatch] Jesse McCree x Reader - Artist
For the first time in a very long time, there was a free day for everyone at the base.
There was no training to attend, no schedule to follow, and best of all, no angry Jack Morrison barking orders at you.
For once, you had time to do what you loved to do: draw.
Quickly, you dashed up to your room to grab your supplies before making your way outside, to the open field behind the Overwatch facility.
You set your supplies down and made yourself comfortable, propping your back against a tree.
You opened your sketchbook to the next clean page before letting your pencil hover over the pristine white page.
What should you draw..?
Your gaze wandered around the field, looking for a source of inspiration.
Finally, a glint of metal caught your eye.
Your gaze fell upon your longtime friend (and even longer time crush), McCree, who was leaning against a tree, puffing on a cigar.
Quickly, you got to work, sketching his face.
You had to erase a couple of mistakes, but the finished result turned out
:iconhybrid-theory-0:hybrid-theory-0 123 12
I fell down. Underfell x Abused!Reader Ch.2
Searching around the area proved tedious and dangerous. (Name) had nearly been impaled with spikes, killed by angry Froggits. and chased by vegetables in the first five minutes! She gasps for breath after hiding behind a convenient looking pillar. Flowey wraps his vines around her mouth to keep the sound down as monsters run past.
Flowey ventured a quick glance out into the open space then sighs. "It's clear." he says while unwrapping (Name)'s mouth. She rubs it then walks out, kneeling to tie her shoe. Flowey keeps watch. She gets up and starts walking. "Oh gosh where are we?"
The two looked around to notice completely different surroundings then before. All that running away had gotten them even more lost than before. (Name) ran around frantically with wide eyes trying to find something familiar in the new enviroment. After a few minutes, her energy is gone. She falls to the ground in despair, choking on sobs.
:iconchasitythewolf:chasitythewolf 22 6
I fell down. Underfell x Abused!Reader Ch.1
(y/n) and Flow-e had become friends rather quicklyThe young human explained her situation to the flower, which he in turn nodded at her sad tale. "I-I see... You tripped while running from a monster known as 'Uncle'." he cocluded.
"Well, he's a human but.. yeah.. I guess you could call him a monster.." she replied while scratching the back of her neck. She glanced at Flow-e with half-lidded (e/c) eyes. "How'd you get stuck here?"
This drew a long and tired sigh from the yellow flower. "I-it's complicated..." he said simply. (y/n) knew that the subject was closed as soon as it opened. Silence filled the room for a moment as the human thought on her next move. Flow-e was the first to speak up. "This is dangerous place. It may even be worse than your last predicament."
"I-I know.." she said. (y/n) was fully aware of where she had fallen. It was a place every human feared from birth. Children were told terrible tales of monsters rising up against humans and trying to banish them undergroun
:iconchasitythewolf:chasitythewolf 194 72
I fell down. Underfell x Abused!Reader Prologue
 I fell down.
 Underfell x Abused!Reader
 (y/n) ran, her bare feet hitting the rocky ground. A man screamed at her from far behind, his voice filled with rage. This made the young girl run faster. Her skirt was spattered with blood, and her thighs hurt. This man had done things to her that should never be done to a girl her age. This was the reason of her running.
 "Get back here, (y/n)! You have nowhere else to go, so you'll be doing what I say, when I say!!!" the man, (y/n)'s uncle, yelled. Tears fell down her face as she reached a giant hole. She skidded to a halt, but to no avail. Her (e/c) eyes widened as she slipped into the abyss. Before she passed out, she swore she saw a concerned face looking at her from the bottom.
 (y/n) woke up in a sunny room. She scrambled to get on her sore feet and looked around the small room. There was a single door, which upon inspection led to another room. (y/n) stopped before entering to get a pocket knife from he
:iconchasitythewolf:chasitythewolf 432 105



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