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Cute! (Peridot x Short!Reader)
I was walking along the shore of the beach, captivated by the sound of the waves as they crashed against the earth. The sun beat down gently on me as I walked barefoot in the sand.
The reason for my trip along the beach? To see Steven of course!
A few weeks ago, he told me that the gems had encountered a new gem from Homeworld known as Peridot. They have had conflicts with her recently, one of which resulted in a near-deadly situation involving a huge fusion.
I figured I might as well visit Steven to see how things are going since there are no more weird alien shenanigans going on.
:iconsweethomicide:SweetHomicide 26 6
Aztrosist by Aztrosist Aztrosist :iconaztrosist:Aztrosist 63 16 Nonon by Aztrosist Nonon :iconaztrosist:Aztrosist 50 5 hentai by sushivibe hentai :iconsushivibe:sushivibe 18 4 Sandwich aztroporn by Tlmothy
Mature content
Sandwich aztroporn :icontlmothy:Tlmothy 5 5
popsicle algorithm by princepalca
Mature content
popsicle algorithm :iconprincepalca:princepalca 15 3
The Tactician (Penguin x Reader) Part 2
Getting on the Heart Pirates crew you realized one thing which was how much you fell for this cute man that you made faint the first day you two meet. It didn’t came to you that this wouldn’t be the first time or last time he did that. You were quite different about this kind of stuff, when Hancock the empress you worked for would take it positively thinking he was in love with her you had other opinion about it. Anxiety taking you into it grasp made you believe that was a negative reaction you received.
Trying to make the perfect record of things you could do to capture Penguin’s heart made you shut in yourself in room for a whole week, making the other crewmembers believe you must have hated them even if you seemed to be such a sweet girl before. Only the captain realized what was really going on as apparently he managed to storm into your room with intentions to ask you question but then he found you dozing off with a huge list that was many pages long.
Looking i
:icontemidark:TemiDark 15 11
Ice Cream (ShachixReader) AU
    I remember this one time when me and shachi were just hanging out. I was just sitting there one the couch eating some ice cream while he was sitting next to me.
While watching this show i simply forgot that i had ice cream but  was still taking small and simple little scoops and plopping it into my mouth. Shachi had been laying on my shoulder minding his business until he had a craving or some of the tasty ice cream that (name) had . He simply waited for the right moment for him to reach over to the ice cream bowl and take a little scoop so that she wouldn't notice. Which she did notice. " Shachi....", the male flinched at his name." Y-yes (name)-chan?","You know if you wanted ice cream you could have just asked. The male looked away into a forgotten corner ignoring the little blush that inhabited his cheeks.
" i Know .... can i have soome?", His moods quickly changed and he faced her, smiling like a happy little kid that made him look o
:iconlunanove:lunanove 4 5
Very High Socks Shachi x Reader
Shachi has been doing a good job trying to find a way to stop the dirty fantasies due to your very high socks you bought a few days ago so that when you wore shorts the socks would be the ones to keep your legs their soft  
      when he sat next to you on the couch he couldn't stop himself from having from trying to rub his hands up and down those locked away thighs of yours (MM MM DEM THIGHS sorry..). he sat their blushing while watching you curl up into a ball on the couch covered in a large blanket, you two were watching a horror movie because why the hell not it seemed like a good idea. 
   (this is the part where i just wanted to warn about mature content you have been warned)
shachi sat there while he felt his pants tighten from the constant images of you going stuff....yea i don't know i'm not a boy .....nor a girl....holy cow i'ma GOAT. Shachi try to shift out of his discomfort but that only got you curious. " shachi are you OK
:iconlunanove:lunanove 7 9
Shachi x Reader: Unbirthday Song
~A very merry unbirthday
To me
To who?
To me
Oh, you~
“Happy birthday (y/n)!” Shachi and Penguin smiled as they stood in your bedroom holding a lovely cake. You groaned and rubbed your eyes from waking up from a peaceful sleep.
“It’s not my birthday guys” you mumbled as Penguin sneered at Shachi for getting the date wrong. You giggled and climbed out of your bed. You humored them and blew out the candles on the cake as the two turned to you in surprise.
“Let me get dressed so we can eat the cake” you yawned as the two grinned and left your room to give you privacy to change. You giggled and chose your outfit, a basic yellow dress with the Heart Pirates’ jolly roger on it.
You walked into the kitchen as Shachi began cutting up the cake into pieces. Penguin was angrily scribbling out your false birthday that was marked on the calendar.
“Sorry about that guys” you apologized as you sat at the table near Shachi. Penguin sat on you
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 62 4
Mature content
Shachi X Reader - No Harm No Foul - Part 2 :iconoceanusvox:OceanusVox 17 4
You're too old - Bonney x Reader
“I told you that you’re too old to join my crew grandma, now beat it!” The infamous Jewelry Bonney scoffed at you walking away with a slice of pizza in hand. “I am not! I’m 27! How dare you!” You protest, “I’m just a few years older than you! What are you 19? So let me on!” A tick mark appeared on her head as she turned around with hot cheese stringing down her lips, “I don’t need any other women than myself on the crew! So beat it! Before I get really angry and do something you’ll really fucking hate!” She pointed a finger at your face with intensity. You gave her a questionable look, doubtful that she would do anything to you, you weren’t exactly an enemy, you did want to join her after all. “Why must you be such a bitch?” You huff simply. That was it, you set her off, she grit her teeth and with a slap across your face, she had made you into a child. You fly back and crash against a wall,
:iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 6 0
Mature content
Dellinger x Reader Lemon :iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 30 4
Mature content
All Pent Up (Kid X Reader) :iconkurenemuu:kurenemuu 31 4
Light in the Darkness by ryky Light in the Darkness :iconryky:ryky 4,090 86



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