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Law x Child!Reader
   She was probably his youngest patient, and crew member. With her only being 8, she was without a doubt, still a child. So many questioned, why did the infamous cold hearted Heart Pirates, have a child with them? And to be honest, Law himself didn't even know.
         She started as a patient. Found beaten and malnourished in Sabaoby Archipelago, Law just had take her. The way her e/c orbs stared at him before passing out reminded him so much of himself when he was younger. They reminded him of the pain he used to feel. Not to mention the shackles that were present in her limbs and neck. He was shocked and amused to find out that she used to belong to a Celestial Dragon. The brand on her back made it all too noticeable. Why the collar didn't explode was a mystery he was not willing to solve. But he was quick to dispose of them.
    She was a silent child. Her h/l h/c locks were dull, and her e/c orbs held no life. S/c skin showed sig
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 358 49
Just a Dream Doflamingo x Dead!Child!Reader x Law
        Song: [link]
        Sequel to Bed of Flowers (Doflamingo x Child!Reader)
    Law stood over the now beautiful mound. Flowers were blooming everywhere, mostly near where she lies. The little house was covered with vines, and the grass was much more longer now, now that there was nobody to care for them. The flowers mixed with each other, no longer kept in their own little spaces. Overall, it was still really pretty, it was just beautiful with her here.
        He could see his submarine from the cliff, and in the distance he saw the familiar flamingo ship. He sighed, and continued looking down at the tiny mound that was now covered in flowers. He heard the familiar sound of foots
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 147 21
Bed of Flowers (Doflamingo x Child!Reader)
                                This is not Pedophilia, or at least it's not supposed to represent it. 
    Doflamingo walked through the tiny village. He really enjoyed this small village. It was quiet, cute, self-productive, everything. The only
:iconchiotaku101:Chiotaku101 316 72
Bartolomeo X Reader: The Album
    “Bartooooo! Where are you?” You called, wandering the halls of the coliseum aimlessly in a spaced out walk. “I brought you your foooood!”
    No response. Your voice just simply bounced off the stone walls and right back at you, mocking your efforts rather rudely, that is, if walls could talk. Huffing, you took a turn down a darker hall that seemed obscure and unknown to the average person here. You however, knew this specific hall quite well. Bartolomeo always took this hall to get to the room at its end, which was virtually hidden from sight, so it was just perfect for him to take some peaceful breaks alone, as well as with you.
    Reaching the end of the darkened hall, you glanced around before sliding aside a large barrel, revealing a smallish sized hole in the corner behind it. Being the only place you haven’t checked yet, you didn’t hesitate to crawl inside, sliding the barrel back into place be
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 160 26
Buggy X Reader: It's Me
Slapping the newspaper back on the table to its front cover, you sipped your latte with a smirk as you stared at the cover’s headline. “New Shichibukai: Buggy the Clown” is what it read. That was a real shocker. Someone like Buggy gaining the position of a shichibukai? That was some insane assed feat for someone of his standard.
“I bet he threatened them with pie to get that position.” You spoke in your head. The thought made you laugh out loud slightly. God damn your shitty sense of humor.
Getting up from the table you sat at just outside a coffee shop, you left a few hundred beli coins on the table as a tip and went on your way.  You stopped at a small island not too long ago for a break. It was rather quaint, and you enjoyed the calming atmosphere it had. A nice change from the raging seas you were sailing only just a few days ago. Now, you were making your way back to the docks to set sail once again. There was business to take care of as a
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 163 26
Franky X Reader: Colour Blind
    “Oi _______! A lovely day we’re having today, wouldn’t you agree?” Brook called cheerily, taking long leaping strides across the deck to reach your side.
    “Yes, I suppose!” You nodded with a smile. “The sea breeze smells wonderful, and even the heat of the sun feels so welcoming.
    “Ah yes~! All too good with the complimentary colours of deep blues and pinks, the elegant emerald greens of the sea mixing in with the orange of the setting sun and- oh, oh my I seem to have gotten carried away. I’m so sorry _______!” Brook corrected suddenly, realizing what he had just said.
    “Hmm? Oh, there’s no need to apologize Brook!” You reassured, your smile never faltering. “I’ve lived with this my whole life, so nothing you describe matters much. I’m quite used to it.” You added with a nod.
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 127 25
Doflamingo X Reader: Prick
   You had a couple of jobs to take care of as a part of Doflamingo’s crew here on Dressrosa. Well… More like one job and one self-proclaimed task that you found completely necessary. That task usually involved pushing the buttons of Doflamingo himself, putting him on the brink of tearing your throat out, but never actually doing it because you knew he would never dare kill you. There was always so much tension between you and him that you could cut it with a knife, his lack of ability to make a move being your favourite part of the day.
    Speaking of which, you were about to do exactly that at this moment, having snuck into his room only moments go to wreak havoc on him or his belongings. And considering he wasn’t in his room at the moment, belongings it was.
    “Hmm, now what can I mess with that will bug the hell out of an all-powerful leader…” You thought aloud, pacing around his room. Taking
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 90 14
It was an accident! - Kie'mon x Reader
Your head, it was spinning as you slowly started to open your eyes. Your head was throbbing, the surrounding unfamiliar room spinning as your opened your eyes. You tried to speak, only to hear your voice muffled by a cloth over your mouth. You try to move only to find your arms and legs have been bound by tight rope. After regaining your senses, you start to panic and struggle in your restraints, trying your hardest to scream for help. You hear the sound of footsteps rushing towards you followed by someone opening the door in front of you, the brightness from the outside somewhat blinding. “Huh?! There’s someone in the closet!” A long nosed man shouted. He knelt down and eased his hands behind your head, untying the gag, “hey. Are you alright?” He asks carefully. You peer up at him as he offers a sincere smile. Then suddenly scream, triggering him to scream along with you in surprise.  People rushed over and were shocked by your presence, especially t
:iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 6 0
Celestial (FallenAngel!Doffy x Reader) CHAPTER 7
Chapter 7: Interlude

You woke the next morning to a quiet house—a luxury that did not come often these days. You showered and, still yawning, made your way downstairs, passing the guest room in the hall. It was empty and the bed was still made from the day before, unslept in.
Doffy wasn’t in the kitchen either, or the living room. The TV was switched off and the coffee machine was unused. You chanced a look at the time on the microwave and then out of the kitchen window towards the forest, where the sun was hanging high in the sky above the trees. It was almost noon.
You hadn’t heard him leave last night, but it wouldn’t be the first time the errant angel had slipped out to return to the site of the crater and lost track of time. He always came back when he grew hungry, like a cat that had wandered too far from home, though you simultaneously anticipated and dreaded the day he would leave and never come back. A man like that, even stripped of his divine
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 37 21
Celestial (FallenAngel!Doffy x Reader) CHAPTER 6
Chapter 6: Not the Kind of Date You Were Expecting

“A human, Dophiel? Well, this is certainly a turn of events.”
You felt Doffy stiffen beside you and, though it was entirely possibly you were imagining it, take a step forward as if to shield you from view. You shook your head. No, you were imagining it.
You peered around the angel to inspect the intruder. He was tall, far taller than Doffy, his shaggy blonde head almost brushing the ceiling of your kitchen. Sharp, copper eyes peered from beneath his bangs and his wide mouth was set in an amused smile. His face reminded you of Doffy’s, but rounder, gentler, and he wore a simple white suit, the jacket thrown lazily around his shoulders, which seemed strangely hunched. You thought you saw something shift under the coat, the faint rustling of feathers reaching your ears, but again, you could have been imagining things.
“Raziel,” Doffy said. “I wasn’t expecting you.”
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 54 36
Celestial (FallenAngel!Doffy x Reader) CHAPTER 5
Chapter 5: The Human Stain

You woke that night to the sound of the television blaring downstairs. Sitting up in bed and rubbing your eyes, it took you a moment for your sleep-addled thoughts to catch up and remember you weren’t alone in the house. It had taken you ten years to forget the sound of your father’s footsteps in the halls, of pots banging in the kitchen and the smell of your mother’s pancakes enticing you awake. The sound of late night sitcoms humming in the background while your parents chatted in the living room used to soothe you to sleep, but now the harsh TV audio only unnerved you. Having company again after so long was going to take some getting used to.
Grumbling to yourself, you clambered out of bed and made your way downstairs, stopping at the landing to let your eyes adjust to the flickering blue light.
Doffy was seated on the couch, leaning forward as he watched the screen with elbows resting on his knees and his hands folded neatly und
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 52 41
Celestial (FallenAngel!Doffy x Reader) CHAPTER 4
Chapter 4: Restless Skies for a Restless Mind

A howl of wind interrupted your reading and you sighed as you snapped the book shut. For the last two days, the skies had been threatening a storm that never seemed to come. The wind raged and the thunderheads growled in the distance but the ground remained dry, the air charged with static and heavy with a humidity that promised rain but refused to follow through.
Your eyes drifted to the window for the hundredth time that day to look out onto the forest, a silvery fog hanging low and heavy over the trees. To say you had been distracted by it lately was an understatement. Without realising it, you would often find yourself staring off into the dark woods, thoughts inevitably drifting to the fallen angel who had turned your life upside down. You wondered what had become of him in the days since he disappeared into the trees.
You couldn’t quite say you felt guilty for not offering him your hospitality, and to say you were worri
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 56 54
Celestial (FallenAngel!Doffy x Reader) CHAPTER 3
Chapter 3: Heavenly Demon

“Is this really necessary?”
God, you could easily get lost in those impossible blue eyes. Well, you could have if they weren’t currently regarding you with such blatant contempt. Maybe it was because, at present, you had the man those eyes belonged to bound to a chair in your kitchen.
Oh, I am definitely going to hell for this…
“For my peace of mind, yes,” you sighed, checking the ropes for the third time. He flexed his wrists and the knots groaned ominously, but didn’t break. You nodded in satisfaction, silently thanking your father for all the camping trips he had taken you on all those years ago. He’d make you tie the knots over and over until you got them right, testing you every chance he got.
You never know when a well tied knot will come in handy! he’d said. You bet he never had this in mind.
“If I was at full power, you would be paying for this,” the
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 55 21
Celestial (FallenAngel!Doffy x Reader) CHAPTER 2
Chapter 2: Morning Star

You opened your eyes to the warm spring sunshine of Saturday morning and, for just a moment, you forgot all about the events of the previous night. It was a morning like any other, birds singing in the forest, a light breeze jostling the boughs. But as you lay there, staring at the patterns the sunlight made on the ceiling, you felt the creeping sense that something was not quite right—a feeling that only comes from living alone for so many years. You felt a presence in the house that could not be ignored.
With a groan of protest, you heaved yourself out of bed. A quick glance at the alarm clock on the nightstand told you you’d overslept—not surprising considering the night you’d had. It was starting to come back to you now. Your gaze shifted from the red LED numbers to the handgun perched on the stand, proof that it all hadn’t all been just a dream. In the guest room downstairs, beneath your very feet, was the man y
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 65 57
Celestial (FallenAngel!Doffy x Reader) CHAPTER 1
Chapter 1: To Fall from Grace

The sound of the bell signalling the end of the school week—and the beginning of the much anticipated weekend—rang through the corridors. You shouted to be heard over the clamour of your students rushing to be first out the door.
“Don’t forget, the Lyrid meteor shower will be at its peak tonight! Before dawn is the best time for viewing!”
You received a few looks of horror at the thought of getting up before dawn on a Saturday and you chuckled. Being a high school Physics teacher meant you received those looks on a regular basis, but you wouldn’t trade your job for the world.
The room was cleared within minutes, everyone eager for the weekend and you were no exception. You had planned your whole weekend around the meteor shower and damned if you were going to miss a second of it. So you sped through your preparations for the next week and hurried out the door, already calculating the best position in which to se
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 99 70
Eustass Kid x Reader: Shape Of You (Oneshots)

Kid continue drinks of his beer.His crew already passed out because drinking too much.But only left his partner blonde long hair,Killer.Killer looks his captain already drunk.He scold to him."Captain,I guess you already drunk right now".He pat on his captain shoulder.Kid just keep stare Killer for moment.Then,he give a goofy smile to Killer.Kid just give a big hug of his partner."I . .*hick*  .. am .. not .. "."Yes you are,captain.You totally drunk already".Killer keep straight of his captain drunk."*Hick* . .. Maybe  . . .*hick*  . .. ".Killer sigh.He put down his captain on chair."I will take some water for you".Kid say of nothing.Then Killer walk away to get some water to give his captain drink.
The club isn't the best place to find a lover
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